Bride and Groom Celebrating in a Wedding Photo Booth

Photobooth Etiquette Rules Every Wedding Guest Should Follow

Every wedding can benefit from a photobooth. Not only are they fun to use during a wedding, but it also provides guests with a memento they’ll cherish forever—namely, a photograph with their friends and family. Unfortunately, too many wedding guests don’t know how to properly use a photobooth and end up irritating many other people. Don’t be one of them. Follow our rules for photobooth etiquette to ensure everyone gets the picture they want.

Don’t hog the photobooth

As excited as you may be to take some photos, don’t forget that there are other wedding guests who are just as excited. It’s fine to take a few photos in a row; what you don’t want to do is use the photobooth for more than ten minutes at a time. Remember, you can always come back for more photos later on!

Put your drinks down

No one likes to see a drink in their photograph. Plus, if you’re trying to get in multiple people, you run the risk of spilling your drink on someone. Play it safe and put the drink down as you take your photo.

Don’t photobomb

Photobombing seems funny in the moment, but it’s not so funny afterwards. It ruins what was originally a very nice photo for the other people. Unless you know that the other person truly wouldn’t mind, take a step back when other people are taking their photos.

Don’t cram in too many people

We understand how much you want to include everyone in your photo. However, if you try and cram in too many, accidents can happen. Take multiple shots instead.

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