And The Answer Is…

DJ AdamBomb started this entertainment company as a gameshow host. Entertainment, flow, and personality is the core to our business. So of course game shows and emceeing would be a service. Our emcees captivate an audience, assist in hosting an event, and become an add-on to our event DJ services. Using that emcee voice allows us to make our games even more entertaining!

Games like:

Team Trivia©

Team Trivia©

A live game show that pits teams of any size against each other for ultimate dominance. Using music as a timepiece, we incorporate trivia questions with the patented format to deliver tons of fun and competition.

Team Feud

A Family Feud style game that allows multiple teams of any size to compete against each other. It mixes survey questions with multiple answer trivia questions with music between each question to invoke a fun interactive experience.

Virtual Feud

All the same as Team Feud, now on Zoom! Using our forms to fill out answers, this new way of entertainment can go beyond the local scene.

Virtual Games

We incorporate all types of games to bring a LIVE experience either in your home or around the world. From an in-home scavenger hunt, to a Great Emoji Race

Gameshow Contestants