Event 360 Photo Booth Rentals in Pittsburgh PA

What Is A Moxie 360 Booth?

Moxie Events loves to entertain. Photos are great. GIFs are great too. But videos are better! And when a guest can stand and be their fabulous self while the camera rotates around them… pure gold! 360 booths are becoming ever more popular. Most people think of a Hollywood Red Carpet experience when they see this. This booth is quintessential for any lavish, high end event looking for something to spark up the scene!

Features Of The Booth

  • 40″ diameter platform
  • 360 degree rotating mechanical arm
  • Camera or 12.9” iPad Pro
  • Light wands surrounding the booth
  • Sharing Station for guests to share their sessions
  • Needs at least a 12’ square space to operate fully


  • 360 Booth at Fifty Finest CFF
  • Bride Groom
  • 1566688185
  • 360 Outside Riverlife 3
  • 360 booth wrap
  • 1566605327