Roaming Selfie Station Photo Booth in Pittsburgh PA

What Is A Roaming Selfie Booth?

The Roaming Selfie is our highly portable, battery powered, controlled ring light, mirrored face, handheld version of our popular Selfie Stations. The features are exactly the same. The only big difference, NO DEDICATED SPACE!

The Roaming Selfie allows for our photo booth to roam about your event taking photos of guests at tables, dancing, standing in groups, waiting in line, standing in a corner, bored at their seat, standing on stage, stuffing their face, lying on the ground, sneaking up behind someone, ordering a drink, ordering a meal, buying a raffle ticket… the list goes on! What’s great about having the Roaming Selfie at your event is:

  • People see what they look like before the photo takes
  • Guests do not have to wait in line to use a booth
  • Saves space in your venue if you need it
  • Guests receive their image or GIF instantly on their phone
  • Opportunities for more images
  • Perfect for those that are immobile
  • Perfect for Uncle Joe who “doesn’t want to get up to get his picture taken!”

Our Selfie Stations Capture More!

They don’t just give a file of their photo in an email or text. Guests receive their session through a link to a micro-site that is all about them!


Roaming Selfie Station Photo Booth in Pittsburgh PA