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6 Awesome Corporate Event Photo Booth Ideas

Hosting a corporate event—whether it’s a simple lunch or an extravagant gala—is a powerful and proven way of connecting with employees, partners, and prospects. 

And while there are many ways to make your corporate event stand out (including fun gameshows and professional DJs), we get especially excited about photo booths. 

A single photo booth can give your guests a lighthearted, interactive space to create unforgettable memories captured through branded photos, GIFs, and videos.  

Put simply, a photo booth can elevate your overall event experience! 

With that in mind, be sure to check out our favorite ideas for corporate photo booths! A great idea can elevate your quest experience even higher! 

Our Top 6 Corporate Event Photo Booth Ideas

Here are some awesome opportunities to surprise and delight your guests:

1. Custom Business-Themed Backgrounds and Overlays

Your team has likely already put a ton of effort into developing a cohesive brand and branding guidelines for your company’s marketing. 

And you can apply those to your background and digital overlays!

In one instance, we were asked to bring our 360 Booth to a Pittsburgh Steelers tailgate party before a game. 

We set up the booth under a Steelers canopy and then invited guests to hop in and dance. Take a look: 

As you can see, each video was given a branded overlay that used the Steelers logo and the team’s classic black and gold colors found in their uniforms. 

We did something similar at the Penguins’ stadium for the Her Hockey Day. As you can see, we used the Penguins logo and colors in the overlay:

You can enjoy a similar experience in your custom photo booth! Thanks to our computer-generated backgrounds and overlays, you can offer your guests a memento that’s completely customized to your brand. 

If you’re interested in a custom design, contact us! We can create something on your behalf. Or, if you’d like something even faster, use our new photo booth template creator:  

2. Season-Themed Photo Booths

You and your guests can delight in photo booths themed around the current season—winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

In fact, for one corporate holiday party, we designed a virtual snowglobe for participants to dance in:

That background—including the falling snow—is completely computer generated, which means there’s no mess for you to clean up after your event!

And for Seton Hill University’s annual Christmas On the Hill celebration, we set up our booth near a beautiful Christmas tree, then used the school’s Christmas On the Hill logo as an overlay. 

Here are a few examples:

But you don’t have to limit yourself to the literal four seasons. You could also think about the seasons and trends within your own industry. We can help with full customization! 

3. Board Game-Themed Photo Booths

Everyone loves classic board games! In many cases, you can tie a board game into your event theme for a fun, lighthearted experience. 

In one instance, we developed a Candy Land-themed photo booth experience complete with custom signage and a “board” for guests to hop on:

And for one fundraising event that raised $43,315 in one day, we developed a Monopoly-themed photo booth:

If you’re stuck thinking of ideas that would tie well into your event, let us know! We can help you brainstorm the perfect game for your corporate event!

4. Technology- And Future-Themed Booths (M.A.R.T.Y.)

M.A.R.T.Y., Moxie’s Auto Roaming Take it Yourself booth, is an autonomous photo booth that delivers a big wow factor at any event—but it’s become especially popular for events in the tech sector. 

After all, what could be more exciting than a photo booth that interacts with your guests? 

To see M.A.R.T.Y. in action, watch this video of M.A.R.T.Y. interacting with Spot, the Boston Dynamics dog:

M.A.R.T.Y. leaves a lasting impression on guests, and he quickly becomes the talk of the night! He’s a great addition to any corporate event that’s focused on technology or the technology industry.

5. Fully Customizable Booths

We offer full top-to-bottom customization of our booths, from the cameras to the backdrops!

In fact, we can completely vinyl wrap our selfie stations with your branding, then combine that with a matching custom backdrop. 

This is an excellent option for highly themed events where you want everything to coordinate with your branding. 

6. Printing Customizable Detachable Info Cards

With our customizable detachable info cards, you can allow your guests to print their selfies at their event with a few big advantages. The photo print contains a perforated section that includes:

  • A customized business card
  • A QR code that can point to the event photos or a website of your choosing

Plus, you can use the selfie station itself to collect the user’s phone number or email address—allowing you to remain in contact with individual guests after they attend your event!

That makes this one of our leading marketing tools!

Additional Support For Your Corporate Event

Of course, we can also lend support well beyond your photo booth! Check out our offerings around:

Contact us to learn more!