music controller DJ mixer in a night club at a live electronic music concert

The Top 3 Things You Need to Make Your Corporate Event Stand Out

We’ve all been to corporate events that were stiff, dull, and, let’s face it, boring. Often what made these events a flop was that they didn’t have much entertainment to make their event stand out. Here, we list three things you can have at your corporate event to ensure that everyone has a great time.


Games are a great way for people to bond and to flex their competitive muscles. By having a professional DJ emceeing your games, it’ll feel like a real gameshow at your corporate event! We at PowerBomb Productions offer trivia, Family Feud, and even a whole host of virtual games that can be played by people around the world.

DJs and Emcees

No event is complete without some music. However, too many people just hook their phones up to a speaker and put on a random playlist. This won’t keep your guests happy. A professional DJ will know exactly how to craft a playlist to ensure everyone hears their favorite hits. They can also add intelligent LED lighting, karaoke, and other music services to keep people singing and dancing all night long.


Photobooths are a fun way for guests to take pictures of themselves and their friends. But they are also great sources for marketing material. The more photos people take of themselves at your corporate event, the more likely they are to share those photos on social media. You could also share some of those photos in company newsletters, websites, and other marketing platforms.

From gameshows to DJs to photobooths, PowerBomb Productions is your place for corporate event entertainment. Contact us today to learn more!