bride standing in front of window next to christmas tree

Top 3 Tips for Creating a Christmas Wedding Playlist

Christmas is a romantic time. It’s no wonder, then, that so many couples plan their weddings around Christmas! However, as you’re planning your Christmas wedding, you may find that the usual wedding tips do not apply. And this includes tips for your wedding playlist. Thankfully, we’ve compiled some tips on how to best craft your playlist for your Christmas wedding!

Have a healthy mix of Christmas songs and regular songs

If you’re holding your wedding on or near Christmas, then you best have some Christmas songs ready to play! However, many couples make the mistake of putting only Christmas songs on their playlist or too many. Instead, have a healthy mix. Have the romantic Christmas songs, but also have the typical favorites people expect at a wedding. This way, people won’t get sick of the Christmas songs too soon.

Pick only the favorite Christmas songs

So, you know you need to have a healthy mix, but how do you choose which Christmas songs to include and which ones not to? First, pick your fiancé’s and your own favorite Christmas songs. This is, after all, your wedding, so you’ll want to hear your favorites! But don’t forget some of the most popular tunes, too, to please your guests.

Talk to your DJ

At the end of the day, your wedding DJ will know how best to craft a Christmas wedding playlist. They will also know how to transition from Christmas songs to regular songs seamlessly.

That’s why it’s vital to pick the right wedding DJ for your Christmas wedding. At Powerbomb Productions, our award-winning DJs will help you create the perfect wedding reception playlist. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one meeting!