bride and groom dancing together at wedding reception

How to Create Your Wedding Reception Playlist

One of your top priorities for your wedding will be ensuring that everyone has a great time. While the venue and the food will always matter, part of what makes a great wedding is a great wedding playlist. Here, we provide some tips on how to create a wedding reception playlist that will please you and your guests.

Make a list with your fiancé

Your wedding day is about the two of you, so you’ll want your wedding reception playlist to reflect that. Talk to your fiancé about songs for your first dance, mother/father dances, and more. Even if you two have different tastes in music, there should be at least some songs you can agree on.

Ask for requests ahead of time

Most weddings allow guests to request a song at the reception, but more couples are allowing requests ahead of time, too. This can be a great way to ensure that a favorite song is on your DJ’s list. Send out an email or add a “Song Request” line to your RSVPs to let people ask for requests.

Have a balance of both slow songs and fast songs

Many couples make the mistake of having too many slow or too many fast songs. Weddings require a good balance. Too many fast songs will tire out the crowd, while too many slow songs will bore them. You can achieve balance by building this up (or down) gradually. Build the crowd up with faster and faster songs and then gradually build them back down so they have a chance to relax or slow-dance with their partner.

Talk with your DJ

A professional DJ will know exactly how to build a wedding reception playlist. They’ll be able to balance out slow and fast songs, while ensuring there are enough hits to keep everyone happy. A good DJ will always want to work with you when building their playlist, so it’s vital that you pick the right one.

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