Riverlife is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with property owners, local government, and community groups to create new parks, trails, real estate development, and riverfront art and events. Their main focus is Pittsburgh, but they also work with waterfront towns and cities throughout the region. So when they needed something spectacular for their wild Riverlife event at the Rivers Casino, they got their event planner to hire Moxie Events!

We provided our Moxie 360 booth that rotates a camera 360 degrees on a platform to deliver a slow motion video unlike nothing else around. With fun confetti in the air, accompanying music, and instant sharing of their branded video, our booth was the hit of the party! It went on into the night, but it did more than just provide wacky videos. Our software worked the same as our Selfie Stations and provided more opportunity for guests to donate and share towards Riverlife’s goal.